I love Jesus Because He displayed His love for me publicly and God bankrupted heaven to save me.

Roop Kaur

My Testimony

I was born in an Indian Sikh family. Sikhism is an Indian religion. I was taught that God is one and He is in everything. I had a question always pondering in my heart that if God is one than why there are so many religions dividing us from one other. My religion taught me that there are different ways to reach God but that never satisfied me. I was the youngest child in my family. So I was spoiled and was very close to my mom. From the beginning I had a feeling in my heart that somewhere, there is a supernatural power attracting me towards it yet I was unable to find it. I used to search my way to reach God. Thus I would go to all the religious meetings. Every time I would listen to a religious leader singing in the temple it would make me sad. I always felt heaviness and sadness surrounding me. Hence I needed my way to reach God, therefore I would still go to these temples. I do not exactly remember my age but I think I would have been 6 years old when I had this dream I encountered God in it. I still did not know whom this God was but I was willing to put everything down to know Him. I gave my life to the Lord when I was 12 years old. First time in my life I was happy. I started my journey with this most glorious God at the age of 12. Through out my life I have seen Him fighting my battles, reaching me when it was impossible to reach to me, healing me and restoring my life.

When I was 17 year old I got hyperthyroidism. It was so bad that after treating for 2 years the doctor gave up on me and said I would need radiation therapy and they will remove my gland and I will have to be on medication for rest of my life. I was supernaturally healed and doctor was shocked that how in dramatic way her hormones level came normal in a day.

In 2015 I went in depression. I made multiple attempts to kill myself. I was on medication for 2 years. But one day after 2 years He healed me, totally freed me from depression. I never had chemical imbalance for stopping antidepressant. It was just like that, I was healed in one day.

In 2018 I went through domestic violence I felt my life was over. But God showed up in the scene. He held my hand and walked me through every contraction and pain. He raised army of people around me to help me. In that same year I was sexually abused and stalked. God not only healed my heart from it but also He deleted all the memories of all the abuse I went through. You will find the full story in my documentary “Ashes to Beauty”. While going though this journey I saw Him turning this weak girl to a war weapon. I am His script, His story, His purpose; His masterpiece and so are you. My heart is to see each one of you moving in your full potential.


I am thankful that you are here. As you browse through my website you will find amazing life changing stories in my podcast and blogs and equipment you need for this season of your life. I will be sharing many more life changing stories and weekly podcast and blogs and web series. Thanks for stopping. God bless you.

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