Are you in love with yourself ?
Are you in love with yourself ?
I am Gods final touch not additional ornament

We live in the world where we start offending people from the very first day of our birth. For instance I was told it would have been so much better if I was born as a boy. My mother dressed me up like a boy until I was in my high school. I did not even know what to do when I had my first periods. I thought I injured myself. My mum was greatly disappointed with me. She was coming to the realisation that I was a woman not a man. But she struggled to accept this till this day. She often heard voicing that she would have been happier if I was a boy.

We struggle to fit in this world. We try hard to meet the standards set by our society. We say I am sorry several times where it’s not even needed because we are afraid to voice our opinion. We live a life to fit in and please this world.  We loss our identities and abilities to love our own self for being who we are. I have seen women struggling to remember that they are beautiful, even if someone will try to tell them, they won’t believe because they have been infused with a huge dose of lies that they aren’t good enough.
I was 16 year old when my boyfriend introduced me to his mother. She was so disappointed with me because I was not tall enough. She bought me pair of high heels and told me to wear it all the time when I am with my boy friend. I allowed those feeling of me not being good enough to dictate my life for years. I never dared to look up. I felt there was something wrong with me. This is not just my story it happens to lot of us. We get labelled with tags. When we allow these feelings to rule our life it’s easy to lose confidence and self-love. You would have seen some women they stop dressing up nicely after they get into a relationship where all they hear is how bad they are. They give up on themselves. They would stop dressing up nicely. They won’t go to saloons. Buying a new dress is like for them is as challenging as climbing the mountain Everest .Because they don’t know how to love themselves anymore.

Constant rejection pushes you to self-neglect. We forget the very truth of being beautiful about ourselves. When the world is throwing stone on us and accusing us for being different, are we participating with them to stone ourselves? I have been in that place where I allowed other people to pick dresses, hairstyle and shoes , etc., for me. Because I trusted their choices more than my own. Because so much of  ” you are not good enough” was spoken over my life. I questioned God that why did he made a mistake about creating me. My mum would have been so happy if I was a boy.  But I realised that I started offending people from the day I was born and I will offend them until the day I die. The world is never going to be happy with you.

Let me tell you a story about an artist who painted the most beautiful painting one could ever paint. He showed it to the world and asked people to review it. People started criticising it. So he said ok tell me what’s wrong in the painting and feel free to fix it. He handed them brush and paint. Everyone started displaying his or her glorious artwork. In the end when painter looked at the painting it was turned into an ugliest painting he could have ever imagined. My point is that the world will never be happy with who you are. You need to start mirroring yourself with the eyes of God.

I am truly his Rose

The very theme of his song. [A]

I’m overshadowed by his love,
Growing in the valley!

Songs of Songs 2:1

You need to realise what God says about you. You are His rose created with greatest of all possible dignities as a reflection of Gods heart. Don’t bury your desires and dreams. You are not created to be a source of pain or shame. You are a giver of life. As soon as I started realising that I was not a mistake but a perfect piece of Gods creation, No longer I was ashamed. I am so proud for being a woman. I am thankful for my life. I started growing self-love for me. All of sudden I was happy being who I was. I was glorious, powerful and captivating. My mum still thinks I could have done better as a man. But I could have never been better in anything than who I am.

I want to ask you a question. Are you in love with yourself?

If not its time to stand before the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you are. The more you are going to remind yourself who truly you are; more powerful and loved you will feel about yourself.

Don’t measure yourself on the scale of this world but allow God to show you how worthy you are. You are so priceless. Creation was incomplete without you. You are all together lovely and all together worthy. You are created with love, dignity, beauty, strength and power. Embrace your self. You need to learn to love yourself if you want to know your strength. Self-love will empower you to dismantle every weapon of enemy coming against you.

Love is a powerful tool and you must have it.


Roop Dhanoa