The power of Love
The power of Love
Do you want to enjoy love in its fullness ?-identify the power of love.

There is a  Beauty in the beating of heart in love

Almost as if it knows that now it beats for another heart as well 

By  Ariana

Love is a powerful tool that can be used to transform this world. When people are in love they describe their emotions as “feeling amazing”, “awesome”, “never felt so free”, “I wish I could have met you before “, “you make me complete”, “life feels beautiful with you” and so on. So we can conclude that love is the strongest emotion that has ability to transform people. The above poem made me wonder that how our heart can connect so deeply with someone who once was total stranger. All of sudden you know that person so well that you can even sense his/her heart beat.

John 3:16 say God so loved the world.

“Oh” How satisfying it sounds to my ears. That we are created with love, by the lover and to love each other. Love introduces us to freedom. Have you ever seen a movie called “Notebook”? The young lover Allie and Noah moves around the town so freely, so unafraid and in full freedom. That’s what true love does. It makes us feel safer, secure and unafraid.

What happens when love language gets abused?

When people use so sacred emotion called love for their selfish motives. Love language gets abused. I have heard many stories where man and woman fell for each other for the sake of their physical needs. When there is selfishness involved in relationships it makes you feel inadequate. One person who has more insecurity will make another person to be the giver. So whoever is the giver in relationship he/she ends up feeling not good enough. When people move in their selfish motives they often feel weak if they have to verbalise their love feelings towards their partners. They feel like they are not in control. Let me draw a scenario before you.

A young woman is full of ambitions and dreams. She is grown up watching movies like “Notebook” or “The best of me” where she has seen a lover loving her beloved unconditionally. She envies his methods of love. One day she meets a handsome man who looks so promising and she starts her relationship with him. But this person is not like the one she admired. He does not verbalise his feelings to her. He does not ride pushbike with her. Now she is heart broken. This is not what she wanted. She starts hurting internally and eventually either she will leave him or she will let her desires die. Or  would become numb.

People often kill their dreams. I would love to see this young girl talking to her handsome partner and saying that hey this is how I imagined love. How have you imagined love? Do you have dreams? Tell me all about it because I am here to listen. By doing so she is providing him the safest environment where he will not feel weak for speaking about his emotions.

I would love to see this young man letting his guards down. And showing this beautiful girl the vulnerable side of his heart. Men love to fight battles.  These fear that what if she thinks I am a weak man ?dictates them. There is always a hero hidden inside them. Sometime all they need is someone to ask to them that how have they imagined love.

Often time men and women are grown up in insecure environment where they have been lied about freedom in love and intimacy. They are taught sex is bad, being expressive will make you feel powerless, be dominant etc. Sex is beautiful when you are doing it under the right covenant. Only brave person can express his/her heart, weak person will always hide behind the veil. Love empowers you. It steals nothing but adds greater measure of strength in you. Bible describes it beautifully.

1 Corinthians 13

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres.

When we start identifying the power of love, being expressive and talking about intimacy will not scare us. It will change the wrong perspective this world has always shown you. It will introduce you to your strongest side. You will stop dishonouring each other. You will stop wasting time in arguments just for the sake to win it. You will be able to forgive. You will celebrate each other. You will start seeing each other like Allie and Noah… unafraid…. Unashamed.

Dear Friends don’t just live with each other but celebrate each other and enjoy love in its fullness. Break that abusive cycle which is dominating us from generations. Don’t pass this legacy of unsatisfactory relationships to your children but teach them the true representation of love and intimacy.

God Bless you

Roop Dhanoa