Worthy of Love
Worthy of Love
How many time you blamed yourself for not being good enough to be loved ?

Love is a very passionate and powerful word. But most of the time it gets misinterpreted.People perceive the idea of love based on their needs. Some people think they can fell in  love with totally strange person other takes time to experience it. But everyone In their life time experience love.

why do people need love in their lives ?
People want to be happy.In order to receive that happiness , they love someone . I strongly believe it’s impossible to love someone if you don’t know how to love yourself. The idea of love has been misinterpreted that love can only be received from the another person. I disagree . I believe because we get fed with this idea that some one else need to make us happy and need to love us , we stop loving ourselves. Why do you think people jump from one relationship to another? Because the longing they are carrying in their heart cannot be met until or unless they love themselves . We pressurise other people for not being able to provide us  the level of love and affection that can make us happy.
but do you love yourself ?

have you ever thought that why I am unhappy despite being with someone who claims to love me?
Because you don’t think you are worthy of your love. I have met so many people in my life those are never happy with themselves. They are so negative about their own being. They are confuse about their identities . They think it’s someone else’s Job to make them feel better . I was one of them once so I am talking out of my own experience. He will have to love me the way I want .. why ? Because I can’t love myself . I have huge identity confusion . .. I think I am not good enough .. all those crippling feelings are lies. You can love yourself .
Let me be bold enough to say you this that if you don’t Love yourself no one else can make you feel that you are loved.

Have you ever spent time with yourself and asked yourself that self .. are you in love with me ?

May be you do need to take time to ask yourself this question . It’s time to stand before the mirror and look at yourself and ask yourself that Am I worthy of my own love?

Princess Fiona from movie shrek was taught from day one that she will be awaken by the true love’s kiss . She was fixated on this one thing . When she saw shrek who was totally opposite to her imagination she was disappointed. But when she embraced her own beauty and accepted that she is more than enough that ugly shrek appeared prince  charming to her. No one can fill that void of your heart if you don’t know how to love yourself. Stop being unkind to the most important person of your life and that’s you.

I don’t know your journey but let me tell you mine I have been on a very rough road .. nights filled with loneliness and days with disappointments.. I had all that happened to me. I changed my story because I hated being sad . I said to myself that I am going love myself because I am worthy of love. God created me with Love so I must love myself .
I saw myself transformed. Nights got filled with peaceful sleep and joyful dreams . Days are adventurous now. My cup is full of love. If I will be with someone I won’t go to him with the motive of that hey love me to make me happy but with the mindset of that I have so much love in my cup let me share with you. Let’s do this life together.

How to learn to love yourself ?

  • Remind yourself that you are worthy of love.
  • Stop isolating yourself in a cage . Go out and spend time in doing things that makes you happy as an individual.
  • Write your feelings in general . Be expressive and kind to yourself .
  • Embrace your flaws and love them . It will uproot the insecurities from your life .
  •  Set achievable goals .
  •  Reward yourself
  • Mediate and look at yourself through the eyes of God.
  • Speak life over your disappointments and don’t stop from dreaming.

You will see that void of your heart is no longer haunting you because you just formed a friendship with yourself .

You are so beautiful and that’s how God sees you and you should see yourself through His lenses.

Every part of you is so beautiful, my darling. Perfect is your beauty, without flaw within.”
‭‭Song of Songs‬ ‭4:7‬ ‭TPT‬

I want to conclude this blog by saying that you my friend is worthy of your love because God has done no mistake about you. Love yourself with passion as your the most expensive gift to this world .

God bless you

Roop Dhanoa